Adam Elkus

PhD Student, Policy Analyst, Programmer

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I'm a PhD student and policy analyst broadly interested in strategy, computational models, and technology. This site and all of its subsidiary sites/links are still heavily under construction. All content my own unless explicitly noted otherwise.


If you want to follow all of my content, I will be posting links and microblogging at my account.



I'm a PhD student in Computational Social Science researching strategy and computational models. I am interested broadly in computational approaches to representing strategic knowledge and decision behavior. I am still working on setting up an formal academic page, so watch this space.


In addition to studying computational social science, I also write and work on security, technology and public policy issues. I'm still working on setting up an a short resume page, so watch this space.


At some future date, this section will contain a link to some of my choice technical projects and writings, so watch this space.

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Beyond my published pieces, I maintain a personal blog and a section for longform essays. I write on my research as well as my security, policy, technical interests on the blog and longform versions of blog content can be seen at the essays page.

Lastly, I have an infequently updated satire series called Zero Derp Thirty. ZDT is inspired by counterculture satires like The Illuminatus! Trilogy and is not really supposed to make that much sense. See more at the ZDT project page.

I used to write actively at Medium and Tumblr as well too, but I don't anymore.

I still post to a Facebook fan page for what used to be my Rethinking Security site whenever there is new content for security and strategy.

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Papers We Love in Strategic Theory

I'm organizing a group for people interested in discussing academic papers in strategic theory.